What is Free Full Service Delivery?

Free Full Service Delivery is a formatted program that best suits all of our customers needs by offering them time slots for both delivery and pickup of the inflatables. Free Full Service Delivery includes delivery, setup and teardown. *Delivery charges may apply if delivery/pickup is outside of Fort Wayne and Allen County. Please see the service area map for more information.


Will my inflatable reservation be guaranteed?

A $50 - $400 Non-Refundable (see Bad Weather Cancellation Policy) deposit is due per inflatable rental within three (3) days after scheduling. This insures that your inflatable is blocked off for your event's time and date. We cannot hold an inflatable that has not been confirmed by a deposit as several customers are turned away daily due to inflatables being reserved for particular times and dates.


How do I set-up the inflatable?

Upon delivering your inflatable you will be asked to read over the contract, sign and pay the balance with either cash, money order, or personal check. Once you sign and pay the remaining balance, just show our staff member the location for the inflatable to be setup!


Bad Weather Cancellation Policy:

When we arrive at your party, a safe decision is made together regarding the weather conditions. Heavy rain can be a hazard due to slippage and electrical shock near the blower; high winds can be potentially hazardous due to the inflatable blowing over. Unpredictable rain is a part of Indiana and the mid-west life-style. Heavy rain is defined as hard rain, falling steadily on and off - enough to make puddles on the ground, tarp, and in the inflatable. High winds are any time the top and sides of the unit are bending due to the wind. All these factors will be considered when assessing the inflatable setup. However, prior to setting up if it rains or if it is too windy the day of your event, you will be refunded your entire deposit. We believe our customers should not be penalized due to unfavorable weather.


What kind of power supply do I need for the inflatable?

A standard outlet is a general outlet you use on a daily basis. *Please note that when renting the Obstacle Course you will need 3 separate outlets.